What’s UNISC International?

Summary:We agree with the summary of United Nations, contribute to international cooperation by international students’ cooperation, and make for world prosperity and peace as one of international organizations of student chamber around the world.
Date of incorporation: 5/22/2014
Founder:Tatsuya Haga
・Honorary Consulate of Solomon Islands in Tokyo Executive Director
・Japan office of Solomon islands National Tourism Organization                  Executive Director
・(General incorporation foundation) The Association for Promotion of International Cooperation Director

UNIAC: UNISC International Annual Conference
Aug 9 – Aug 13, 2018

【Message from the Secretary General】

It is an honor to greet you all from Tokyo, Japan. As a Secretary-General of University Student Chamber International (UNISC International), I am privileged to state our mission of contributing to international cooperation and engagements of students in line with the objectives of the United Nations.

As students, our active participation and talents will shape the sustainable bonds between international communities for a prosperous and peaceful world. We believe in the power of internationally minded students, and that they will become future leaders of the world by bringing positive energy and mutual cooperation.

In order to fulfil our mission, we are expanding the networks and assets of University Student Chamber Japan. With the drastic changes taking place in the world, we provide a platform for students’ international exchange, and represent their opinions through symposia and general meetings. With the division in Japan as its headquarters, we hope our work to strengthen the ties among students from many different countries will inspire the worldwide growth of similar networks, enthusiasm, and endeavours.

Above all, I would like to express my deepest gratitude all those who participated in various ways for their kind support and contributions to our organisation.


Secretary-General Yushi Takamatsu

About UNISC International

Name UNISC  International


University Student Chamber International

Adress 〒104-0061


1-9-1, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Official Website http://unisc.org/ja/
Official Facebook https://www.facebook.com/unisc.international/


「As an international organization of the university student chamber all over the world, we agree with the philosophy of United Nations and contribute to the world’s prosperity and peace by connecting the students internationally and enhancing the international cooperation.」

Founded on

May 22nd, 2014


Tatsuya HAGA, Secretary General for Honorary Consulate of the Solomon Islands in Tokyo

Top Advisor

Mitoji YABUNAKA, Former Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan

Currently became the United Nation’s NGO.


ECOSOC is the only main organization in the UN having a clear official structure for NGO to join.

  • The benefits of the conference members.

・Attend the international meeting and event.

・Present an opinion at the international event in both written and oral form.

・Hold an official side event.

・Free access to the UN.

・Have an opportunity for lobbying and making the connection.

     2. UNIAC Annual Meeting


「Think about SDGs〜 How can we create the future that world’s youth leaders want?〜」

At the meeting after the representative students share their achievements and measures for each country’s different Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), they are divided into 17 groups for each goal and discuss how we should deal with them for the realization from a various perspective such as governments, companies, and youth. On the final day, UNISC present the opinions came out from each group, and we make a proposal for SGD’s.

Event Details

I. About the meeting

Participants are the Youth around the World

Number of Participants:20 countries × 3 selected participants

Type of Event:International Meeting

Period:Aug 9th  (Thurs.) – 13th (Mon.),   2018

Venue:Ito Hall, University of Tokyo

Will be possibly supported by:JICA, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.

II. Meeting Schedule

Aug.  9th   Welcome Reception

Aug. 10th    Presentation about each country’s acts for SGDs.

Aug. 11th    Discussion, Speech will be given by special guest

Aug. 12th    Proposal Conclusion for SDGs

Aug. 13th    Proposal Presentation, Farewell Reception Cultural Night


1. International Internship Institute

ICRC office in Japan, Representative, Linh SCHROEDER

Ambassador, Mr. Koro BESSHO Permanent Mission of Japan to UN
Build a relationship with International Organizations

❖    Visit Organizations

❖    Interview with the representatives and Emit our mission.

❖    Manage Internships and Publicize the Events

⇨Build a trust relationship between the students and international organizations. Raise the larger amount of global human resources in Japan.

⑴ Overseas Training Program

  1. In Southeast Asia In 2016, Aug.8th -14th「Current Status of Democratization and its Support, and Political Awareness of the Citizens」

    Sponsored by: University of Philippines, Ho Chi Minh City National University, Osaka University

    The budget was around 1,200,000 yen.

  2. In 2017, Dec. 19th – Jan. 3rd「Economical Development and International Development〜Build the relationship for the mutual cooperation in Southeast Asia 〜」Sponsored by: Chulalongkorn University, University of Indonesia, Japan Foundation ASIA Center, KANSAI・OSAKA 21st Century AssociationThe budget was 1,802,485 yen.

⑵ Japan Symposium

In 2017 Jan. 27th
Official side event of World Assembly for Woman 2016 at Sophia University.

Invited the students from Caribbean and Oceania, and discussed the international cooperation.

Cosponsored by UNIAC and APIC

2. Women’s Leadership Summit Committee

⑴. Women’s Leadership Summit “This is Her Life”
on July 2nd, 2017 at Osaka University


Yukari INOUE, President of Japan Kellogg LLC.

Kyoko KITASATO, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

Mie KITANO, Eli Lilly Japan

Takako HIKOTANI, Columbia University

Fumi SETO, Tohoku University

Mami KISHIGAMI, Osaka Sub-committee, National Committee Japan, UN Women

Sponsored by: Daikin Industry Ltd., Japan Kellogg LLC., Daiwa House Industry Co. Ltd.

Supported by:Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, Kansai Consular Corps, American Chamber of Commerce in Japan – Kansai

⑵. Women’s Leadership Summit 2018 “This is Her Life”
on Feb. 3rd, 2018 at University of Tokyo.


Kyoko KITASATO, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan


Nozomi NOSE, Japan Bank for International Cooperation

Akiko KAWAGUCHI, Mitsubishi Corporation

Lully MIURA, University of Tokyo

Sponsored by:

Nomura Research Institute, Japan International Relations Organization、Aoyama Shachu Corporation, PwC Japan、iBECK Inc.

Supported by:
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.

List of Executives

役職 名前 所属
Secretary-General TAKAHASHI Asami Graduate school of
Public Policy,
University of Tokyo
Deputy Secretary-General NAKAHARA Yoshimune Graduate school of
Public Policy,
University of Tokyo
Executive (Publicity) SHIBATA Sara School of Human Sciences,
Osaka University
Executive (Finance) SHIBATA Yuhei School of Law,
Seikei University
Executive(Finance) KANAI Hidehiko School of Economics,
Keio University
Planning YOSHIDA Yumi Graduate school of
Public Policy,
University of Tokyo
Planning MARUYAMA Mizuki School of Culture,
Media, and Society,
Waseda University
Publicity FURUSAWA Ken School of
Engineering Science,
Osaka University